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I'm a Dreamer too...So today we start the Ethan and Lou Bucket List...I've jumped in boys!!! And Down Under has always been a dream of mine...mind out of the gutter Louis!!!! The idea of the "true" Outback..surprise-it's not just a steakhouse-makes me tingle!!! That Aussie accent makes my thighs quiver...The vast tropical Rainforest makes me smile with anticipation...The Great Barrier Reef makes me sigh ( I mean what jewelry loving girl wouldn't want to see the world's largest coral reef..hard not to touch..but I know better!!) The Koala's make me warm and fuzzie and The island of Tasmania  makes me squeal with joy!!! The beauty of Sydney and Melbourne have always beckoned me!!! And they even have Adelaide...of course I must visit a place that bares my mother's name!! So,there you have it...Australia is on my Bucket if it didn't take like a gazzilion hours to get there.