Being at the Big E is always so much fun. I was determined to hit up the McDonald's Giant Slide again this year. It was a wild ride!

Broadcasting from the Big E is always amazing. From the food to the people watching to the cool stuff to buy. Don't forget about the entertainment, and, of course, the rides. It's a day chock full of excitement.

First of all, I had a photo op with Ronald McDonald himself -- every little and big kid's dream. And since I fall under the "little" category, how perfect?!

Two years ago, I took a ride on the McDonald's Giant Slide and loved it. Sadly, it rained while we were there last year, and I didn't get to take the plunge. But the sun shined brightly this year, and  I was a chick on a mission. The slide's so nice, let's ride it twice! What could go wrong?

You too can take a ride on the wild side. Make sure to hit up the far end of the McDonald's Giant Slide for major speed. The Big E is on now through October 2nd.

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