The house is over 200 years old and is considered one of the most haunted houses in Connecticut. It's been labeled "The Demon House" and this past Saturday night, the owners, Jay Yaple and his wife, Elka opened their doors for first time ever, as they welcomed a dozen people to show them what the family has been living through. The Demon House was featured on Animal Planet's series, The Haunted in 2009 and then again on the Discovery Channel's, 'A Haunting' in 2014.

Jay Yaple told Fox 61 Morning News, "We believed we were able to get one of the spirits out that was really nasty, and we believe it's safe for people to come in the house now." Go ahead and watch the video if you dare!

The home was built in Enfield, CT in 1771 and town historians believe that 20 to 24 people have met with unusual and horrible deaths in the home. Paranormal expert, Matthew Kondracki was one of the first to examine the home and told Fox61 News, "My investigators were attacked, and burnt, scratching their kids, making blood appear in the basement, calling my name in the basement, this is the house that changed my life."

My first thought, as I was researching what supposedly went on in this house was, Why in the blue Jesus would you stay and put up with this?! Other supposedly strange goings on included bloodstains on the living room carpet that still remain today, Elka hearing, "You are all going to die!" over a baby monitor, and bloody handprints on the baby's crib.

The family says it took years of visits from paranormal investigators to calm down the evil spirits so other people could enter the home. I'll tell you right now, I will never be one of those people, thank you very much!

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