This past Friday morning at the Danbury Arena, the owners of Danbury's new FHL hockey team, Bruce Bennett and Ed Crowe, along with Mayor Mark Boughton and Titans's new coach, Phil Esposito, all assembled to officially introduce, "The Danbury Titans" to the community.

After saying a few words to the crowd, Bennett unveiled the team's new logo and jerseys noting that the colors were the same as the "Seattle Seahawks." Bennett said, "The fans of the Whalers and the fans of this arena have been wonderful." 

Herm Sorcher's new FHL team, the Stateline Whalers, who were going to be playing their home games at the Brewster Ice Arena, have packed up and will relocate to Danville, Ohio. Because of that move to Ohio, Bennett informed "The Ethan and Lou Show" this past Thursday during an on-air interview, that he will also be the owner of yet another "new" FHL team called, The Brewster Bulldogs that will play at the Brewster Ice Arena.

According to Bennett, Titan tickets will go on sale around mid-August and the season will get underway sometime around Halloween. Coach Phil Esposito weighed in by saying, "I've never seen anything quite like goes on here in Danbury with regards to the sponsorships and the fans and the community and the people that support the team! This is an unbelievable place to have a hockey team!"

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