Dennis Dunaway, the original bassist for the "shock rock" group "Alice Cooper" after constant pleas from his daughters to just write a book already, has done just that. The book is titled, "Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures In The Alice Cooper Group."


According to The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Rock N' Roll Hall of Famer Dunaway said, "You look back on what the Alice Cooper Group did by today's standards, or lack thereof, and you see what we did, we were pushing all the boundaries!"

Dunaway's book of memoirs began in 1997, but it took his intense long fought struggle with Crohn's Disease to make the book a reality. Dunaway ended up in the hospital in critical condition and doctors didn't think he'd be strong enough to survive the surgery.

That's when the fan mail began to pour in from all over the world, which proved to be the inspiration for him to finish the book. "Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!" includes many stories of the wild adventures and backstage antics of the Alice Cooper Group.

From L-R...Neal Smith, Albert Bouchard, Dennis Dunaway and Ethan Carey......Ethanphotos

As I write about Dennis Dunaway's new book of memoirs, I can't help but flashback to the musical celebration that was, at my Anniversary party at the Ridgefield Playhouse back in '09, as we celebrated my 30 year milestone at I-95.

Master guitarist and friend of I-95, Rick Tedesco pieced together an amazing all-star lineup of musicians that included the original bassist and drummer from Alice Cooper, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, the original drummer and bassist from Blue Oyster Cult, Joe and Albert Bouchard along with local rock stars, Rick Tedesco and Doug Wahlburg from the Doug Wahlburg Band.

It was an amazing evening of music and memories that I'll never forget! At the end of the evening I was so honored when they called me up on stage and handed me the original coveted Cowbell, as we launched into BOC's "Don't Fear the Reaper." Now that's a party!!