The Oreo thins are hitting store shelves today according to ABC News. The new cookie loses 4 millimeters in thickness and 7 calories.

You see kale ruined everything. Gluten free products ruined everything.  People can't even have a sweet snack anymore, because everyone wants to get in shape and eat healthy.

It's wrong ... wrong I tell you.

I was in shape back when there were no gluten free products, no kale, no Oreo thins.  I had to do it with dry tuna and exercise.  Now that I have no interest in exercise and be in shape it's easier than ever. I could be eating Kale  (Gluten Free) Oreo's and doing hot yoga.  Where was this all when I cared.

The other thing is I would never in a million years eat another Oreo.  I quit on them years ago because there is no way to get all that brown stuff out of your mouth.  You have to brush your teeth for 6 and a half weeks to get that junk out of your mouth.  I don't wanna eat a snack that I have to sand blast out of my teeth.

Oreo's are not my game, I don't do sweets but I'm still against this from so many different angles.

Here are some Oreo facts that will not change my mind.

And they did not.

What is your favorite cookie or snack?