The need to be aware of our driving habits is a no-brainer, but this Connecticut woman's lesson is a bit overboard.

I'm not going to sugar coat my feelings. I commute an hour to the radio station, and I drive through a ton of construction. The worst of it, is the current Waterbury I-84 project, so I know all about hellish backups, and angry drivers. I'm often reduced to tears of frustration while driving. Road rage bubbles under all of this, but even I was shocked by how sh---y this move was.

In a story from, police say Karen Kerames was not happy about the speed of the car that passed her on Peck Lane last week while she was out walking her dog.

Dog walking, speeding car, unhappy lady, all seems to add up to a thrown bag of dog poop. Kerames is facing charges after she allegedly threw a bag containing her dog's feces at a passing pickup truck. Apparently, the poop bag went into the front window of the truck and exploded all over the interior. She is charged with throwing objects at a motor vehicle.

Yeah, I think I'll stick to my crocodile tears of anger while driving. Also, never speeding through neighborhoods is also a great lesson to keep in mind.

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