Tomorrow, we will kick off the big weekend. The International Beer and Food Festival is Saturday on the Danbury Green starting at 3 PM. We will begin the celebration with a live broadcast of the Ethan and Lou show at the City center office on Main Street.

One lucky person will walk away with our last pair of Guns N' Roses tickets. All you need to do is to either go to the City Center office, today, or tomorrow during our show, and sign up. At the end of the broadcast tomorrow, right around 9:45 AM, we will pull a name from the box, and give that person their tickets.

IMPORTANT: You do not need to stay for the whole show. You can just sign up and leave.

If you win, we will have our promotions department reach out to you with all the information you need. Furthermore, if you show up for our broadcast tomorrow, you can walk in and demand free tickets to the International Beer and Food Festival, and we will give them to you on the spot.

If you cannot make it down tomorrow, and want to buy your tickets for the IBAFF, for just fifteen bucks, click here.