The homeless guy with the golden radio voice, who was down on his luck and used to panhandle on the streets of Ohio over five years ago is back on the radio at WKVO-AM in Columbus, Ohio according to an article in the NewsTimes. Ted Williams turned into an internet sensation back in 2010.

After 17 years of living a life of alcohol abuse and homelessness, Williams ended up on several late night TV talk shows including the Today Show with Matt Lauer which led to an offer to write his memoirs in 2012, but bad business deals and drug and alcohol abuse derailed his success.

The Columbus Dispatch caught up with Williams in October of 2014 where he was living in an apartment without any furniture and had no car. He couldn't explain what happened to the $395,000 advance he received to write his memoirs.

Williams has been hired back at WKVO-AM where he began his career back in the 1980's. Williams currently lives with his sister and his girlfriend and told The Dispatch that he wants to be an example for others who, like himself, are trying to turn their lives around.

The good news is that Mr. Williams has been clean and sober since July of 2015 and his life is looking up.  In October he voiced an ad for Pepsi, which will run during the Superbowl and he has a new radio job!

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