Can you believe? Hats off to good ole American ingenuity. And the idea that people will buy most anything! Would you?

Did you stroll through your backyard this weekend thinking about the back breaking hours you'll be spending getting the leaves raked up soon?

Did you think to yourself- how can I turn this into a money maker? Yeah, probably not. But here's a couple that are doing just that! 

The website is, and for $19.99, you can get a bundle of leaves from New England that have been hand-picked and assembled by the company's owners, Kyle Waring and his wife. Then the leaves are soaked in order to preserve them, and will last anywhere from five to seven years. The couple says they've seen most of their sales coming from California, Texas and Florida.

You're not alone if you just had the "are you freaking kidding me, why didn't I think of this" moment!

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