According to News of 6 out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, 25 year old John Pinney stole a car and live streamed his journey online. You have to be a special kind of dumb ass to steal a cop car.

You have to be an extra special nipple head to steal a cop car and record the evidence. VIDEO - NSFW

I hate this guy. I really mean that. My mom told me not to "hate." She said you don't hate anyone, that is not something that should be in your heart, because you are a good person who was raised right. I am sorry mom, I hate this piece of garbage.

You are the definition of a loser if you get out of jail, steal a cop car and then live stream it. The worst part about it is I have talked to this guy before. Not this actual guy, not literally. I just have run into this BAG OF DOUCHE before. I have talked to guys just like this waste of space. UGH. Don't let this be your kid. I am going to hug my kids right now.