OK, you are broke?  Well me too butt face!  If you are feeling bad just know I borrowed three dollars from Ethan today.  I'm am grown.  The most embarrassing broke moments:

#1 - The coinstar trip - You lower your head and pray you don't see anyone you know.  You walk so fast and hope no one is at the machine so you can get in and out.

#2 - The rejected card - Your card was declined.  The only worse words are: "Let's just be friends."

#3 - The money borrow from the family member with money who gets hit up all the time.  NOT FUN!

#4 - The carpool - I have no gas can you pick me up for work?  Having to admit that sucks!

#5 - NO, I can't go out, 'I'm broke."  You probably wanna go out and get a drink but you are broke so you cannot.  She's a catch 22.

Feel better knowing you are not alone.