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Movie Classics seen in a new light...  The list is long when it comes to classic Disney Films and if your a parent I'm betting you can almost quote them all line for line..but can you break the plot down in Haiku??? Haiku-a 3 line poem. I stumbled on this on the internet the other day-someone re-told 21 Disney movies in Haiku. Here's my 3 favorites :                                      

"Cinderella"   "Impractical shoes / and a few enchanted rats / will win you true love"

"The Little Mermaid"  "Oh, little shell bra / how is that you stayed on / during the rock scene?"

"Snow White" "If you're attractive / be sure to always dress down / and avoid produce"

Pam's Haiku..."kinda sums it up / a master Disney be / an empire on a mouses back"