A Danbury Mall security guard tried to apprehend a couple who were suspected of shoplifting at Macy's, and it did not go so well.  

The suspects, Douglas Rollman from Mahopac and Gina Pecchia from Wingdale, were observed attempting to shoplift some items from Macy's. According to a press release, several police officers with lights and sirens sped to Macy's at the Danbury Fair Mall, but before the police officers arrived, a security guard attempted to handcuff Rollmann. Pecchia became aggressive, and attempted to strangle the guard. Police reported that Rollmann then kicked the security guard in the abdomen and ran away.

After a brief chase, the couple were found in the parking garage getting into their vehicle and were immediately arrested. Rollmann, with one handcuff still dangling from his wrist, had a new pair of men's jeans in his possession.

They were booked on third-degree assault, third-degree robbery, conspiracy to commit third-degree robbery, sixth-degree larceny, and breach of peace. Pecchia was also booked on third-degree strangulation.

Pecchia was able to make her $25,000 bail but Rollmann could not make bail and remains in custody.

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