According to the NY Post, things got out of hand in Pennsylvania after Villanova won the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. 

According to police reports, six people were arrested, another 25 people were injured, and two police horses were attacked. Who punches a horse?

When my teams win championships, I am elated. It's a fun couple of days. I talk about the games that got them there, I talk trash to friends of mine who root for rival teams, etc. It has never, however, occurred to me to burn my neighborhood to the ground or to punch a horse in the face. It's not just mean, but it's stupid. Why is it stupid? Well, here is an animal that can put you down, and have you drinking through a straw for the rest of your life, for one. The other is that police horses are serious business. They are to be treated with the same respect given to any police officer. They are officers of the law, and are well-protected by their human counterparts. If you punch a horse, you deserve what you get.

What is it about competitive sports that turns otherwise reasonable people into stark raving lunatics? Think of your family. They are the ones who have to look at a picture of you in the paper lighting dumpsters on fire, and behaving like a primate in the streets. I get that it was an exciting end to the game, but is it worth transforming your life over? Try getting a job after you have to tell people that you have a criminal record for punching a horse because your team won a basketball game.