Jeremiah knows me so well...

As you can imagine, working at a rock station around Christmas time is fun. Listening to the great songs of Christmas past as you work, you can't help but get into the spirit. Our Promotions/Live Events guy Jeremiah stopped into my studio carrying a wrapped present yesterday afternoon. I tore into it with caution, he's pulled a couple of fast ones on me in the past month. I saw the familiar face of Star Child through the first rip, and then came the Cat-Man, Space Ace, and the Demon. Yes, it was an original LP of Destroyer from Kiss. Jeremiah shot one right through my heart. Kiss was my very first concert, way back in 1979 at an arena in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I saw them on the Dynasty tour. Kiss will always hold a special place in my heart.

I have such distinct memories of putting Destroyer on my record player, and listening to the opening strains of King of the Night Time World, Great Expectations, the soaring chords of Shout it Out Loud, and the bad ass drum and bassline of Do You Love Me? Aw man, there is nothing better to a 10 year old. Bravo Jeremiah Johnsen! You done good sir.

Photo by Large "Hongrayy" Dave

And I also received a gift card from my fellow Townsquare Media cohorts in Grand Junction, Colorado yesterday! My buddy Waylon works there, and I've voiced a lot of commercials for them over the past year. To show their appreciation, they sent me a gift card to Texas Roadhouse. Thank you so much guys! When I'm inhaling a delicious ribeye steak next week, I'll be humming "Rocky Mountain High" and thinking of you.

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope that you get a few thoughtful gifts, as I have, under your tree.

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