I'm a Raider fan, so my dream scenario is the Raiders run the table for the remainder of the regular season, win the division, beat the Chiefs in the playoffs, avenge the Tuck rule game against the Pats in the AFC Championship game and then beat the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

That is probably not going to happen. I will forecast two scenarios that could actually happen. Scenario #1 is my favorite.

Scenario # 1 - The Raiders win 2 of their last 3. They somehow avoid playing the Chiefs who they cannot beat. They end up in the AFC Championship game against the Patriots in Foxborough and beat the Pats (which they can). That avenges the "Tuck Rule Game." They, then meet either the Giants or Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Hopefully they meet the Cowboys. The Cowboys are a bunch of punk ass bitches. They will beat Dallas because they are overrated. If they meet the Giants they will also beat them but I will take less pleasure in it.

Scenario #2 - This is actually the most interesting and possible scenario I can think of. The N.Y. Giants make the playoffs as the #1 Wild Card in the NFC, beat the Cowboys for the 3rd time this year and meet the Patriots in the Super Bowl for the 3rd time. It is a real possibly that these two teams at this point are Super Bowl teams. I cannot imagine a scenario that I would laugh at harder than the Giants sweeping the stupid Cowboys in the regular season and beating the Pats in the Super Bowl for a third time. I cannot.

This is going to be fun.

P.S. Choke on a chicken bone if you are a fan of the Chiefs, Cowboys, Broncos, Patriots and Chargers.