A Newtown teen has been charged with three counts of possessing and sending child pornography to a minor.

According to CNN, three juvenile males three from Newtown have been implicated in a sexting ring, in which sexually explicit text messages were sent to other minors. In some cases, the boys were getting paid for sending the photos and videos.

The teens were charged with obscenity and transmitting, or possession of, child pornography. The charges are Class A misdemeanors. According to Fox 61, the investigation has been a 6 month work in progress, and was reported by a female teen. Up to 50 teens were involved where search warrants were obtained to confiscate their phones and many of those phones were loaded up with sexually explicit videos.

According to Newtown police, the messages were intended for only one individual and some were sold for $10 or $20. The teens who were charged will eventually appear in Danbury Juvenile Court.

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Last year Drexel University conducted an online survey regarding sexting, and over 50% of the students who participated admitted they sexted while still in high school. The survey also found that sexting is not linked to high risk behavior such as alcohol and drug abuse over time.

The bottom line is that a large percentage of teens believe that sexting is normal behavior. Elizabeth Englander, a professor of psychology at Bridgewater State University, told cnn.com that,

Sexting appears to be widespread. It's engaged in by many kids who are functioning well and not having problems and it's not very unusual or rare.

To get an in depth look about teen sexting, click on this article titled, "Chances Are, Your Teen Has Sexted" from CNN.com.

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