In 2013, a group of 100 Reed Intermediate School 6th graders in Newtown, known as the "Pushcart Warriors" raised $2,800 in a one day assignment donating the money to build a clean water well for an impoverished village school in Liberia.


This year, an anonymous donor offered up $22,000 to help build the village a brand new school, replacing the mud and straw building with solid concrete. The donor requested that the 2014 class of Warriors at "John Reed" raise $3,000 through their own fundraising. By selling friendship bracelets, candy, and crafts they went above and beyond and collected $5,564!! Fifth grade teacher, Karen King said, "This was Pushcart on steroids!" The work in Liberia was put together by an organization named, "Well Done." The name "Pushcart Warriors" was taken from a 1960's novel "The Pushcart War" and is a tale of pushcart vendors who stand up against the bullying of truck drivers attempting to ruin their small businesses.