Newtown residents have learned to accept the inevitable attention they receive after mass shootings. 
Theresa McMorrow, a licensed clinical therapist in Sandy Hook, told the Hartford Courant that the pain of Sandy Hook may fade, but being the place where it unfolded will never leave. She went on by saying:

We'll always be hyper vigilant and hypersensitive.


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After the Orlando shootings, politicians and law enforcement officials have been going back and forth debating how these shootings could have been prevented. Many Newtown residents have echoed the sentiments of many Americans who are afraid that the country is being desensitized to gun violence. It can happen anytime or anywhere. Is there any way to make it stop?

According to an article in the NewsTimes, some Newtown residents, who expressed sadness and heartache over the Orlando shootings, said it brought back feelings of hopelessness, and set back feelings of progress and recovery.

In the Hartford Courant article, Eleanor Ress, a 15-year resident of Newtown, has seen a change in the community, saying that before the Newtown shootings

People didn't seem to care about each other as much before this. Now, people look out for each other more.

She went on to say that people are performing more acts of kindness in the community.

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There were also a handful of residents who mentioned that they wished politicians could get a handle on the regulation of the AR-15 assault rifle used in both the Sandy Hook and Orlando shootings.

Just my opinion, and I'm not attacking the 2nd Amendment, but isn't the AR-15 assault rifle built to use in combat situations to kill the enemy? If, in fact, that's true, why should any private citizen be allowed to own an assault rifle? Just asking.

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