Every year droves of people crowd into Times Square in the freezing cold and look up to see a ball drop all in celebration of a numerical change.  I want you to tell me how that is a holiday!?  Please tell me.  

And OK you might be saying so what...it's an excuse to party.  Why not just enjoy it?  I say it's impossible to enjoy and here is why:

  • There are too many party options.  You get invited to 10 parties and end up going to the wrong one.
  • It's super expensive.  Hotels, clubs and bars all know they are going to get your business no matter what.  You get no specials....there are no specials.  Quite the opposite.  They lure you in with a package that sounds like it will save you money but really does not.  Oh it's 60 dollars all you can eat and drink.  Oh but I'll be there with my wife so it's 120.  After that, tips, parking and a late night diner run we are talking almost 300 dollars.
  • It's amateur hour.  My mom gets drunk on New Year's Eve.  That should say it all right there.  I don't need to be surrounded by people whose party skills lie dormant all year waiting for one night to get sloppy and invade my personal space.
  • It's cold.  
  • The party is supposed to peak at midnight.  I like to start early and finish early.  I'm on the seniors drinking tour now.  I've got my trophies on the wall from many a party.  Now I like to start at 4:30 in the afternoon and be watching Netlix in bed by 10:30.

You wanna know what a real holiday is?  The 4th of July.  the grand daddy of them all.  It's warm, you get burgers, fireworks, you day drink and you get a tan.  That's a holiday.