First it was phone scams and then you had to worry about scams sent through emails. Now, you need to be careful of what you click on Facebook.

You've probably seen things pop up telling you to like their page and share with your friends to win a prize. Some are legit and fine, but others are just a cover to get more information from you.

I've seen different Disney ones that are clearly not verified Disney accounts telling people to share with friends to be entered to win a trip or tickets to Disney. You can usually tell the fake ones easily because there will be a period after the page name and it doesn't have the verified mark (the checkmark that says verified when you hover over it).

According to the Danbury Daily Voice, another scam has popped up on Facebook. This one lures people in by telling them they can receive $100 off at Aldi stores by spending $120 or more.

This scam will ask you to share the page with friends and then when you click on the ad it will start asking for all sorts of personal information. After you have entered your information it will prompt you to sign up for a credit card or a paid subscription. It doesn't take long after that for people to see new charges showing up on their statements.

Consumer Affairs warns people to be careful of ads that sound too good to be true. Before you click on any ad on Facebook, do a quick Google search of the ad. Usually a quick search will be able to tell you whether it is legit or not.

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