The brand-new ProFuel, located at 999 Chase Parkway in Waterbury, is open for business. I stopped in on Saturday morning and took a look around. It's located directly across the street from Spartan's, right up the road from NVCC, UCONN, and the Hampton Inn. This part of Waterbury has been way overdue for a gas station/convenience store.

Photo - Large Dave

It's a very big lot, large enough for them to build 8 pumps, and the interior of the store is very spacious. I was warmly greeted as I walked in by the owner, Alan, who I spoke with for a couple of moments. He explained that although the store is open, it's a 'soft' opening, with many more features and services expected to get up and running over the next couple of months.

Photo - Large Dave

There will be a full deli opening in the coming weeks, but I think the best feature of this location is going to be the drive-thru. Yes, a drive-thru! I've seen them in very few convenience stores here in Connecticut. It's going to be a score to be able to drive up and order your gallon of milk, can of Skoal, or a bag of Ruffles, pull around to the window, pay, and go.

Photo by Large "Cream cheese" Dave

Alan also told me that they will be selling local products too, and directed me over to the coffee counter area, where he had a nice selection of Ami's bagels, and Brooklyn Baking Company donuts for sale. Gas was $1.89 for cash, $1.99 for debit/credit as of this morning when I filled up.

Congratulations to Alan and his staff for opening up! Waterbury's West side has really transformed over the past couple of years. With the Starbucks, this new ProFuel, and the new buildings going up on NVCC's campus, progress is very easy to see in the Brass City.

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