For those who don't know, there was a stabbing incident in New Milford on Monday night at the Rocky River Inn on Kent Rd. I blogged about this and the reaction was mixed. 

First off, here is a link to my initial blog: Trouble in New Milford: Stabbing Suspect Still at Large.

I knew it would get a pretty decent response being that it is a local crime story, but the reaction was overwhelming. I got one message in particular on the I-95 Facebook page that I read and responded to last night.

I appreciated the reader's point of view, and said as much many times this morning on the Ethan and Lou show. We asked the listeners what they thought. Here are some of the responses:

The fact is, people are passionate about their hometowns. I can't get mad at anyone for disagreeing with my opinion, but I do have one myself, and it plays out pretty clearly in my blog.