I had been pursuing New Milford Mayor, David Gronbach, for months to try and get him to appear on the Ethan and Lou miracle network. He finally agreed after Ethan reached out yesterday.

I was pleasantly surprised that he appears to have a sense of humor. Hopefully, he can laugh it off when he catches me letting my dog poop just outside his office. I can literally throw a tennis ball from my front porch and hit his office window. In fact, he made note of the fact that he has seen me on my front porch drinking beers with my neighbor, Allan, while he was still working.

I shared with the Mayor my long burning desire to form a New Milford Army, invade Sherman, and take it for our own under the name New Shmilford. He seemed receptive and even said he might be willing to fund this endeavor. So, this Gronbach fella is growing on me. I may have to reconsider running against him, and taking him down to Chinatown.

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