According to the News Times, 24-year-old, Jessica Tamburri, of New Milford has been sentenced to ten years in prison in connection with the death of her friend, Robin Thibodeau. Jessica's sentence will be suspended after a year followed by 5 years probation. According to the article, her role was that she supplied the drugs to her friend.

This is probably an outcome that rarely crosses the mind of an addict. I can imagine that they worry about arrests, overdoses, and sickness, but being put in prison in connection with the death of a friend is probably not front and center in their minds. You must have a part of your brain that you compartmentalize, that knows the risks, and accepts them for yourself, but feels like you're not hurting anyone else. Then, there is a tragic death, and you are being blamed. That has to be a terrifyingly surreal feeling.

I cannot imagine the desperation heroin addicts must feel, or, for that matter, the desperation of their family and friends to help get them clean.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, and you would like to get help for yourself, or them, you can contact the local CARES group at: (203) 948-1254 or go to their Facebook page.