Diddling in public is very much frowned upon.

According to the News-Times 38-year-old Juan Baez of New Haven was charged with public indecency.  MTA police say that Mr. Baez was allegedly seen by two women masturbating while approaching the Bridgeport station.

He was said to have been staring at one of the women while doing the deed and, according to the police, they yelled at him to stop.

This is not his first arrest for this behavior, the News-Times reports that Baez was arrested two years ago on the same charge. According to the police report, he then ran off of the train at the Bridgeport station while pulling up his pants.

This guy had himself a full on "pants off dance off."  Vigorous self pleasure in public is not only frowned upon, but quite illegal my friend. You see it's upsetting for the people around you who are not in the mood to get it on and bang a gong. The ladies especially find this fowl and offensive. Mr. Baez apparently does not care. 

What would your excuse be if you admitted that "Yes, your pants were undone while also claiming that you were not diddling?  I needed to get some air?  I had an itch?  I missed seeing my gear?"  

It just makes you wonder if they got a police sketch of the alleged incident. Now that would be art man. It's like I always say: "There is a time and a place for diddleage and the Metro North New Haven line on Wednesday is neither the time or the place."