Making a Murderer is the story of Steven Avery.  

It's a documentary series and crime story.  The story starts with Steven being wrongly accused and convicted of a rape in the 1980's.  Steven ended up spending 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.  After the rapist was identified and Steven was exonerated he was released from prison and became a local celebrity in Mantiwoc County Wisconsin.

A short time later while in the middle of a civil lawsuit against the police department Steven was accused of a murder and the story takes shape from there following his conviction and trial in the murder of  Teresa Halbach.

The story has everything and after binge watching the whole first season (asuming there will be a second I just want more).  His defense attorney's argued that not only did Steven not commit this grisly murder but that he was framed by local officials.  There are times during the series that you are convinced he did it and other times you are certain he is innocent.

I got my wife hooked on the show after watching the first two episodes and we enjoyed it together.  She last night told me that she connected with a woman on social media that lives just twenty minutes from where the crime was committed and the local community is all fired up over the success of this new show.  The word is that all the people who were involved in the investigation, trial and conviction of Steven have had their lives turned upside down.  I don't know if that is true or not.  It's just some hen yapping online but it is interesting.

Whatever the case may be it is a great show.  Chef recommends.