Middle schooler, BJ Correll knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life at the tender age of 14 after he finished up a project about the Navy SEALS, but sadly BJ's cancer had returned.An article in AOL News tells us that in 2012, BJ was diagnosed with leukemia. After 3 years of aggressive treatment, the leukemia returned. His hopes and dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL seemed to be drifting away until the weekend of December 11.

That weekend a group of retired Navy SEALS paid BJ a surprise visit at his North Carolina hospital. They had heard that BJ was battling cancer for the second time and decided to fulfill his dreams as they stood next to his bed as they said, "You are now a Navy SEAL!"

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Stephen Brown, a SEAL Swim Charities member gave BJ a flag and a plaque as they officially inducted him as a Navy SEAL. Brown raved about the young man saying, "He shows the character of what a SEAL would be like. He's very strong and has gone through so much. So much pain, not just physically but mentally and he stayed so strong through it all!"  

To get updates on BJ's progress, go to "The Cure for BJ Round 2" Facebook page.


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