It's National Tortilla Day. Where should we eat?

I'm barely over the celebration of National Margarita Day on February 22nd, and now the National Day Of calendar proclaims February 24th to be National Tortilla Chip Day.

I love my tortilla chips hot, but even when they cool off, they still tempt my palate. My all-time favorite is served with guacamole made fresh table side, and I always have them put in lots of jalapenos and garlic. Yeah, I am THAT girl. There are, quite literally, hundreds of great places in Connecticut to eat great Mexican food. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • 1

    Agave Mexican Restaurant - Danbury

    Not only is the food superb at Agave Mexican Restaurant in Danbury, it's one of the prettiest, cheeriest spots to enjoy your tortilla's and margarita's.

  • 2

    Pancho's and Gringo's Mexican Restaurant

    Not too far away from the radio station, Pancho's and Gringo's Mexican Restaurant has long been a favorite of mine. Aside from the fabulous guacamole made tableside for your tortilla chips, in nice weather it's great to relax outside while knocking back your Margarita's.

  • 3

    Arturo's Cantina

    Arturo's Cantina in Danbury makes the list for me not just because of the tortilla chips and salsa, but for their Green Tomatillo Sauce and the Grilled Salmon Burritos. A girl can not live on guacamole alone!

  • 4

    Senor Pancho's

    Senor Pancho's in Southbury has been opened since 1989.They became such a local favorite that they branched out elsewhere in Connecticut. You can find Senor Pancho's in Torrington, as well as Prospect. While they tempt with many dishes, I'm a big fan of their take on Short Ribs.

  • 5

    Agave Grill - Hartford

    If you are up for a road trip to Hartford I highly recommend you go to one of my all time favorite places. Agave Grill. The bar scene is great, the Cantina always a party, and no lie, table-side guacamole to rave about! Bring on the tortilla chips.