Yes, National Nude Day is on Tuesday, July 14 and is an actual holiday celebrated by, well, nudists, and is a holiday that's made fun of by immature morning radio shows such as Lou and I who really don't understand it.

According to Ashley Beahan, the Public Relations Manager for the American Association For Nude Recreation(AANR), "This is something we take pride in. It brings awareness to nude recreation. This is a lifestyle; people learn and grow from this lifestyle."

The "problem" is our society's attitude towards public nudity. To some, public nudity is equated with sex, erotica, and voyeurism, which is not what the AANR is all about. Nudists are not perverts, as people with more conservative values might think.

Nudists are individuals who see the body as beautiful in its natural state, whether your shape is "middle aged chubby" like myself, or for that matter, any body type.

My guess is, you need to be comfortable with your body type, even if it's chubby in a bunch of different places, if you're going to be walking around flappin' and floppin'.

As far as my body is concerned, nobody needs to see that!


I remember one of our morning show weekend trips to St. Lucia, where many of the women from Britain would sunbathe with no bathing suit top. I, personally, had absolutely no problem with that practice, and in fact endorse it 100%. On the other hand, I do have an issue with men who sunbathe with no swimsuit covering their butt. I don't need to see some dude's hairy ass while I'm on vacation!

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