I'm not going to judge the naked selfie idea. But this story should teach us all a valuable lesson. Read on my picture taking friends, read on!

Here's a "sure fire" way to get the boot.

A 23-year-old Chicago man sent two naked selfies. Not to a significant other mind you. Nope, he sent them to the human-resources manager of a company that had JUST hired him!

Police say they got word of the incident after the woman reported that she had been sent not one BUT two nude selfies over the course of three days following his "conditional offer of employment" last month. The police report states he admitted to sending the photos but says they were meant for someone else.

What do I always say - nothing disappears, ever, and it's just a matter of a slip of the finger!

No big surprise on the outcome. Police say the company has taken back its offer of employment.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the above.

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