It's not something you see everyday, actually you may have never seen this before, but if you were on I-95 in West Haven this morning it was something you couldn't miss.

It was like out of an episode of "Naked and Afraid." A man sitting on the roof of his car in rush hour traffic totally naked.

I know traffic can get the best of most of us, but this seems a little extreme. Actually when I heard of this I thought wow what a great idea when you've just had enough, but then again I don't really have the body for a stunt like this so I'll pass.

Apparently many didn't pass, at least not without their cell phone camera's rolling so police blocked off both southbound lanes between exits 42 and 41 while taking the nude offender into custody.

According to troopers brought the man to a local hospital. He received medical attention and is not facing charges.

In case you needed that in slow motion, here you go:


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