This is as simple as can be for me it really is a no brainer.

N.Y. style pizza is the greatest thing EVER.  Chicago style pizza is not even pizza it's literally a meat pie.  Listen I'm sure it's delicious but pizza it is not and if you think otherwise than I wish Chicago would burn to the ground again.  What would you call it after the rebuild?  The third city it would have to be.

Hey Chicago...your envy for all things New York is just plain sad.  Now take your inverted Bizzaro pizza Frisbee and get lost. Pizza, REAL pizza has a thin crust with the sauce on the bottom, cheese on the top and grease for days.

Hey Chicago your pizza looks like 20" rims that belong on an Escalade.  I would actually confuse that with an actual bakery pie and or what will eventually have to be removed from the stomach of Paula Deen.  Go away lose again.

NY...NY....dig these N.Y. artists right here.