The bar tab was $112 for one of Ashley Latella's customers at the Seagrape, one of Fairfield Connecticut's most popular drinking spots which is right on the water.Do the math and you find that a 20% tip on $112 works out to be $22.40 but as Ashley picked up the check, she noticed her customer had left her a $5,000 tip instead!! She immediately burst into tears! The Seagrape is the latest location to receive the generosity  of a mysterious man said to be the spirit behind a charitable endeavor called "Tips for Jesus". Ashley and her co-workers decided to split the tip between them, but Ashley and Seagrape manager, Carlos Carmo Jr. made the decision to spend their share to buy toys for disadvantaged children. They gave all of their toy purchases to Al's Angels of Westport for distribution all around Fairfield, CT.