Before I get started here, let me lay a DISCLAIMER on yo ass:

If you bet with me and lose money, you just lost money. I am in no way saying you should bet money based on my predictions. If you do and you lose, you are a loser and you just lost. It's not my fault if you bet your kids college tuition on a game and lose it. It's yours. DO NOT BET ANY DOLLAR AMOUNT BASED ON WHAT I WRITE.

Now here we go. Right now, the the over/under number is 58 1/2, I am taking the over baby. New England is giving 3 points to the Falcons. I am taking Atlanta and I don't even need the points, I am taking them to win outright. Final score is Atlanta 38, New England 35. Boom, there it is. I'll even take it a step further and bet on overtime like a crazy man with nothing to lose.

One final time, do not bet money with my predictions. History has shown this to be a bad idea, since I don't know what the hell I am talking about. One more prediction, Chris Hogan will be wide open for three quarters of football. The guy is still open somewhere right now. Can someone cover him? Please?