He was the best behaved kid at his Christening and he won the day that day, so there was no question that he would win at Communion. 

He was smiling, proud as a peacock, and singing "Hosanna" like nobody's business. My little guys give me grief, but they always rise to the occasion when it counts. After all the many hours put in praying and learning about God at CCD, he was, without question, the most handsome, put together and happiest kid at first communion.

I know it's not a competition, and somewhere, my mother is reading this and getting ready to call me to tell me not to mock what he accomplished, so I will stop now. It's not funny. I am just a proud papa, and jokes are how I express myself.

The other two boys managed to behave throughout the whole ceremony too, which made things a whole lot easier. It would have been nice if Christopher could have kept his tie fastened correctly, but the kid just wanted to breathe. He also had a belt on that was four sizes too big, which was hilarious. Another chapter in the book. Congrats, Luigi.