So I rhyme on the air.  If you listen everyday you have heard them.  Well here is what they mean...also you must credit me every time you use one...."Bluffin with your muffin" - Not mine - I think it's either Lady Gaga or Nikki Minaj, I just thought it was funny - also it means nothing.

"Sittin' on your biscuit, never having to risk it" - This is a reference from the show: "The Office" - it means being lazy and not taking chances.

"Suns out, guns out"  - This is when guys go shirtless or sleeveless during sunny summer days.

"Skies out, thighs out" - Same but it's unisex - your thighs are out cause the sun is.

"Suns out, buns out" - Your coolie is out cause the sun is.

"Nuts to butts" - A party is so packed that our nuts are touching your butts.  I got this from Finster.

"In there like swimwear" - Your going somewhere cause your excited.  Your so far in there, it's like a bathing suit in your butt.

"Smoosh and Push" - sex

"Swing out with your thing out" - PARTY TIME!