My son's birthday party is supposed to be this weekend. The last few years, we have brought him to the spray park inside Rodgers Park in Danbury, CT.

It's great there. It's free and the kids love it. For some reason, this year, the park does not open until June 17, so I called the Mayor this morning to get to the bottom of this.

He sounded sincere. I hope that is the case, because my wife is all over me about getting this thing opened this weekend for my son's party. It's not me the Danbury Mayor needs to worry about, but my wife Erica. When I told her that Mark said he would look into it, and that he sounded serious, she said, and I quote, "He better be. If not, I I will apply for a job at his office, and I will get the job. And I will be the most perfectly, terrible employee he has ever had. So perfect, that I can not be fired, but so terrible, that he will no longer wish to be mayor."

Intense stuff right there. Not at all surprising to me, but he is in for a world of hurt if he does not get this done. Best of luck to us all. I will keep you all posted, and, this weekend, we will all get wet at the spray park in Danbury.