That's Louis, my oldest with the killer stance.

For whatever reason baseball makes me emotional. I know feelings are ridiculous but when I have them, they are usually tied to baseball. My best childhood memories are all centered around baseball and my father. He taught me the game, he took me to games and still today if there is a lull in the conversation we talk about the Yankees.

I wanted my boys to have the same experiences I did. When they were very young I started to teach them how to swing and how to throw. They are finally at the age where I thought it was appropriate for them to play and compete while really enjoying it. I went to their practice yesterday and I was so overcome with pride. They were attentive, curious and having fun. I must have told them 40 times how proud of them I was.

This is so cool. I waited a long time for yesterday and I am looking forward to the years to come. I wanna watch them grow in the game and learn the great lessons that sports can teach. I mostly want them to have fun. I am not one of these parents that is going to push them to fulfill all the sports dreams I did not. I just want them to go to the field and play with their friends. I will be there taking way too many pictures and grinning from ear to ear.

Lou's phone

Here is Christopher crushing both the ball and the tee in the cage.

Lou's phone

Chris and Louis sharing some real estate in the field.

Lou's phone

Louis fielding first base.