My wife got me an early Christmas present and it's the best thing I have ever seen. My boys for the most part follow the sports teams that I do but they are fair weather fans. My little girl though is going to be dolled up in Raiders and Yankees gear right from the beginning. That right there is the best kind of gift I can get. I did not want anything for Christmas until I saw this get up. Thank you Erica.

My baby to be is not even here yet and I know I'm done for. She already has me wrapped around her finger. I go in her room and just look around, I stare at her crib and think about when she will be here. She is even making sure I remember her in my sleep. I fell asleep a few weeks ago with my arm around Erica's belly and Vida kicked me in the arm and woke me up. It was the happiest I have ever been to have someone wake me at 2am. See you soon baby girl.