Dishes in the sink, laundry on the couch, unmade bed, you name it I got it. Above is not a photo from my actual house right now. I'd be too embarrassed to post an ACTUAL picture. My wife will have you believe this is an exaggeration but it's all true. Mr. Mom(me) gets home early in the day and is smacked in the face with the welcoming hand of mess. I go to work on cleaning it and when I am done I have about a half hour left to enjoy the clean house before the filth patrol arrives.

Then they come in and have their needs. They are hungry, they need to use to the bathroom, need to create more garbage or they need to change. Needless to say it means more dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor a full garbage can. Good times.

I have found myself saying the words: "your maid does not live here." I know how that sounds. It sounds like I am a crazed, unappreciated housewife and that would be accurate. So for all the housewives and house husbands out there I feel your pain. We should put on rubber gloves, grab broom handles and meet in the street. We unite and rise up. We can run away and start our own clean, happy community and let them all live in their own filth.  That will learn them.