Man the coolers, crank up the pontoon, and cook me up a cheeseburger and fries at Down the Hatch, because we've got early summer weather moving through this week.

The National Weather Service is predicting 64 and sunny on Tuesday, and 73 and party sunny on Wednesday. It's Mother Nature's big tease week!

Ethan Carey Photos/Candlewood Lake

Honestly, this week's weather is just another excuse to roll out my Candlewood Lake photos. The photo below was shot last summer as we were anchored off Orchard Point, when Candlewood Lake's friendly pirate ship called, Pirate's Pride approached our party barge, and handed over bead necklaces to the kids. Look for this awesome ship cruising Candlewood Lake all summer. 

Down the Hatch opens in May, and my pontoon, Radio Waves, becomes sea worthy at the end of April. Yah Hoo! Watch for the I-95 Party Barge loaded up with free schwag every weekend this summer.

Candlewood Lake/I-95 Archives
Ethan Carey's Photos of Candlewood Lake

According to the National Weather Service, there's no more winter weather in the long range forecast, but, you and I both know that Mother Nature, if provoked, could blast us at any time. So, while we wait for "tan our buns" weather, enjoy the photos.

Ethan Carey's Photos
Ethan Carey's Photos

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