After more than 20 days on the run, prison escapee and killer, David Sweat was captured just two miles from the Canadian border. Now he's giving up the details on his failed escaped plan and the days he spent being hunted.

According to FoxCT, the two convicts were actually very prepared for their life on the run. When they were both found (at separate times) they were wearing camouflage and hiking boots. Sweat even had a backpack with supplies, including some food.

Now that Sweat has been caught, more information has come out about the botched escape plan. Initially, the two escapees were supposed to allegedly kill the husband of a prison worker (Joyce Mitchell) and flee with her to Mexico.

However, Mitchell chickened out and was nowhere to be found when they emerged from beneath the manhole cover. Since she was not there with the getaway vehicle, the two killers had to do with another plan.

FoxCT notes that the two stayed together for at least two weeks, but then Richard Matt (who was killed when found by law enforcement) was left behind by Sweat. Authorities believe this happened because Matt was sick, slower, and not as fit as Sweat. So Sweat took off without him so he could move faster.

Sweat is currently in serious condition after getting shot twice before he was captured in upstate New York. Where he is assigned to go to prison is not clear at the moment. The article states it's not likely he will go back to Clinton, because he had been a known rat. So, he wouldn't be safe.

Authorities have gotten some information from Sweat. They now believe that Gene Palmer, the guard accused of transporting meat with contraband to the convicts, did not know there was contraband in the meat. Sweat has made comments that it was just him, Mitchell, and Matt.