A 7 foot tall bull moose weighing in at about 850 pounds was hit and killed by a car in the Town of Cortlandt, New York in northern Westchester County.

According to the Cortlandt Daily Voice, the moose was last spotted on July 10 on the side of the road near the eastbound section of the Bear Mountain State Parkway. Moose sightings are extremely rare in this section of New York State, and much like Lou Milano, moose are solitary animals that don't travel in herds and who really don't like being around people. No word if this deceased moose is any relation to the I-95 Moose who is in semi-retirement and currently in mourning.

Ethan Carey and the I-95 Moose in 1982 - Ethan Photo













In a followup story by the Daily Voice, the driver who hit the moose did not stop and did not report the incident. A Department of Environmental Conservation officer responded, and with the help of the NYS Department of Transportation, loaded the moose onto his pickup truck. The ECO then transported the deceased moose to the 'Hunters Helping the Hungry Program.' The useable moose meat will be processed and distributed to needy families in the lower Hudson Valley.

It was reported that the moose had small antlers, which means it was a 'young bull moose.' It's believed that this is the same moose spotted around northern Westchester County since June.

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I-95 Moose