Hey, it seems like this guy really likes ladies underwear or at least he allegedly likes the panties... and who can blame him. The only problem is it is frowned upon in society to break into someone's home and take theirs, if he in fact did that. 

How bout the chick in the picture by the way. THAT is the definition of a brick house.  She has it where it counts man. Alright, back to the story. 

According to the News Times, article police say 50-year-old Nelson Montalvo is alleged to have taken 30 pairs of underwear from the laundry of a Bethel home. It reportedly took place over five break-ins of the same house.

Apparently, the incident took place in March. Months later police identified Montalvo as a suspect and say he confessed to the crime. He reportedly turned himself in last Friday and is charged with 5 counts of felony third degree burglary.

I love ladies underwear in the worst way trust me... maybe a little too much, but people really don't like it when you take it without asking. Furthermore people straight up hate it when you break into their place, dig through the laundry and run off with it. 

It all boils down to one simple and inescapable truth... MEN.. ALL MEN... are really creepy. There are different degrees of creepy of course. I mean not every guy is willing to break into someone's home and steal your drawers, but it does not mean they don't have their own sick thoughts. If this guy did it, he's not a good guy at all. I'm not in any way trying to forgive this type of behavior, but ladies you need to know if you don't already that MEN ARE SLOBS.