I play the lottery all the time, and I'm never this lucky. Maybe I'm in the wrong career field.

According to Yahoo News, Nicholas Kapoor, 26, of Monroe, CT is now $100,000 richer. As an undergraduate, a professor told him that it was pointless to play the lotto, because the chances of being a winner were so small. Kapoor would always argue that some one had to win. That person, this time around, was him.

Kapoor is known to buy lotto tickets almost weekly, despite what his undergraduate professor taught him. What makes this story even more ironic is that Kapoor is a teacher himself. He teaches statistics at Fairfield University, and had just given his students a lesson on probability.

His next move, while it may be a little petty, is something I would totally do. He messaged his former professor to share the news and started with "Remember when you said..." According to Kapoor the professor replied back, "That's the problem with probability."

After taxes, Nicholas went home with $68,000 according to the report.