A Danbury mom told the NewsTimes that her first-grade son was told by one of his classmates that he was bringing a gun to school to shoot him.

The Danbury mom is Wilton minister, Candice Dolberry, and she's not happy about how the case has been handled. The incident took place this past Monday at Danbury's Park Ave School, and Dolberry says the school is not taking the proper steps to insure her son's safety.

School officials have decided not to remove the first grader from class who made the threat, and the decision doesn't sit right with Dolberry. She told the NewsTimes that there have been kids who have said they were going to do the same thing, and then actually acted on their words. Dolberry also said that same classmate took a plastic fork and proceeded to scratch her son's neck with the fork's points.

What would you do? Would you immediately take your kid out of that school? Would you file a law suit against the family? Would you actually visit the family of the kid who threatened to bring the gun to school and say, "Are you kidding me?!"

The school superintendent, Sal Pascarella, told the NewsTimes that in spite of Dolberry's take on the situation, they do investigate every threat, and take them very seriously. Dolberry doesn't agree.

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