Danbury, CT is #4 in the state as a destination for millennials. Millennials are people ages 25-34.  According to the News Times, Danbury was given grades from A-F in these categories:

  • Commute Grade - A-
  • Crime & Safety - B-
  • Access to Bars - B
  • Access to Restaurants - A-
  • Access to Coffee Shops - B+

This is a good thing because millennials are health conscious, environmentally friendly, politically active, career oriented and downright tolerant. This is the generation that came right after mine, and we were WAY different. I don't even know what we are called? Is it generation X? Generation Y? Who knows. I do know we were terrible. Yeah, we worked hard. That cannot be denied, but that's about all. We were wasteful, generally intolerant, unhealthy, and not very politically active. It's good to see some progress.

The downside of these millennial types is that they are overly dependent on technology, entitled, have terrible taste in music and follow terrible trends. They are hipsters. It's not just Brooklyn, NY anymore. They have infiltrated all cities, towns and levels of power. They are also way too easily influenced when it comes to politics.

All in all, this is a good thing for Danbury. Young people setting up shop in your home town is good for local businesses. Don't be surprised though, to see a few bizarre fashion choices with this group. They take irony way too far. They throw ugly sweater parties, have the tightest jeans known to man, and rock 30s style boxing mustaches. So, there it is, Danbury. The future looks bright but weird, to say the least.