According to the News-Times, Milford schools have made the decision to ban the popular Halloween parades in the district's elementary schools, while also forbidding the wearing of costumes by students or teachers during the day.

The decision was made due to the fear of leaving out children who can't or won't participate in the popular Halloween tradition due to religion or cultural beliefs.

Kids Having Fun on Halloween - Credit Getty Images

The decree also stated that any activities have to be labeled 'fall themed,' not Halloween, and food is not an option. Many of the parents are outraged!

Victoria Johannsen, the mother of a third grade student told the News-Times, "I think it's crazy! I don't understand why other avenues weren't pursued to accommodate other families that felt excluded." 

There is now a petition circulating between parents from calling on the schools to restore the parades.

The petition reads, "These are our American customs and traditions and we should not have to give them up because others find them offensive."

Having a Halloweenishly Good Time in Australia, Sorry Milford, CT, 'No Halloween For You'!! - Credit Getty Images

My question is, at what age do we stop sissifying our kids and begin to toughen them up so they're able to cope in the real world where there's none of this PC crap?

Kids need to know that not everyone's a winner all the time. They need to know it's OK to fail and then encouraged to keep trying. They need to know the world's not always bundt cake and cotton candy and it's a parents responsibility to teach them that.

Parents who are thinking about having their first child need to know that parenting is the 'most difficult challenge of your life.' I have three grown children and that statement is 100% on the money!

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